Charles A. Lemaire (Charlie) 
is a registered patent attorney practicing in the areas of electronic, laser, optical fiber, optics, Group III-N light-emitting semiconductors (gallium, indium, and/or aluminum nitrides), integrated-circuit structures and semiconductor processing, software, PRML-, compression-, and encryption-coding algorithms, magnetic-disk devices, thin-film batteries, mechanical and plant patent applications, prosecution and related licensing and opinions.

Jonathan M. Rixen

is a registered patent attorney practicing in the areas of mechanical, optical, laser, magnetic, non-destructive testing, epitaxial crystal synthesis, multi-layer composite armor, and chemical engineering application preparation, prosecution, and related opinions.

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Fred J. Ziecina 
is a patent and technical consultant/writer of the Lemaire Patent Law Firm. His expertise is in computer hardware and software architecture, I/O architecture, real-time/event-based systems, event driven architecture, clustering and high availability, virtualization, storage subsystems and networking. He comes to the Lemaire Patent Law Firm with over 30 years of experience in design and development of hardware and software in the computer industry.